Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale: “The Dragon and the Wolf” Recap/Review (SPOILERS)

Oh No! What will I look forward to without Game of Thrones on every Monday?! Unfortunately for all of us the end is here for Season 7 as the concluding episode, “The Dragon and the Wolf,” airs on Monday 27th of August at 11am AEST. This episode is longer than the others with the run time being just under 80 minutes which means more time for main characters deaths! YAY! (Can you detect my sarcasm? and BTW I started writing this recap/review before I had seen the episode so anything above the spoiler line is well and truely safe to read).





Lets begin with the opening scene, i.e the meeting of all the monarchs which takes up almost the first third of this episode. After everyone has arrived, sans Dany because, lets face it, the girl likes to make an entrance, the show runners show us the meeting between the Clegane brothers, The Hound having come in with Jon and company and The Mountain being Queen Cersei’s zombified body guard. There is a GIGANTIC hint at the fight that has been brewing ever since the brothers were boys, and which hardcore fans of the show have affectionately dubbed The Cleganebowl, that will hopefully occur next season and which I am extremely excited to see. After The Hound goes away and bring back the box with the captured wight in it, and after he lets it out and it goes for Cersei and co, the darling lion queen was easy to convince of a truce (Thank GOD!). Euron Greyjoy decides to be a coward (Kind of… I’ll get to that later) and leaves, saying that he will be taking the Iron Fleet back to the Iron Islands because the wight was apparently the only thing that has ever terrified him. Cersei, as I said before, has agreed to the truce but asks that Jon not pick a side to fight for after the dead have been vanquished. Unfortunately, and to the detriment of this new alliance, Jon has already bent the knee to Daenerys and after Cersei finds out, she leaves saying that she will not be marching her armies north and that the Northmen can deal with the threat first.

I honestly thought that Tyrion was going to get himself killed this episode. What else was I supposed to think when he makes the decision to go and meet with his notoriously murderous sister who hates him alone without any backup. We soon find out however that Cersei appears to be unable to kill him (Perhaps she really does love her family that much) and after Tyrion realises that his sister is pregnant, she reveals that in the moment the wight tried to kill her the only thought she had was of keeping those who matter to her safe. Thank god for Tyrion and his silver tongue because he manages to convince Cersei to march her armies north and, after a second meeting in the dragon pit, she says “The darkness is coming for us all. We will face it together.” Problem with this: Cersei is never that nice!

Our darling little Theon appears to get his courage back in this episode. After a private chat with Jon where Jon forgives Theon for what he could and says that Theon is both a Greyjoy and a Stark, Theon confronts his fleeing men and says that they are going to go and rescue Yara. This apparently wasn’t on the agenda for one of his Captains and a rather bloody brawl ensues between the two. A kick in the nuts doesn’t hurt is you don’t have any though (never thought there would be an upside to being a eunuch) but in the few seconds it takes for the Captain to realise that those well placed knees didn’t hurt his opponent, Theon overpowers him and wins, collapsing in the sea with relief (not grief like we all thought when watching the trailer).

We all know that GoT is pretty good when it come to killing off major characters, usually in completely brutal or shocking ways. In the grand scheme of things however, season 7 has been extremely light on main character casualties. Even though we opened the season seeing Arya kill every House Frey male she could find, then Cersei poisoned Tyrene Sand with the same poison that was used to kill her daughter, Marcella, and Jaime made Olenna Tyrell drink poison after her forces were defeated, I wouldn’t really call any of them MAJOR characters. To be honest, this season we have gotten of really easy after looking at GOT’s usual level of murder. Finally, after weeks of wondering who would die we finally have our answer. Littlefinger has been attempting to manipulate Sansa into having Arya killed but when it appears that she will have Arya stand trial for treason, the sisters turn the tables and Lord Baelish goes down, bleeding out from having his throat slashed by Arya.

Holy GOD Cersei! I have underestimated how much of a complete psychotic cow she is! Earlier I mentioned how Euron Greyjoy, the leader of Cersei’s fleet, left after seeing the wight but instead of going back to the Iron Islands as he claimed he would, him and Cersei had instead arranged for him to sail Essos and retrieve the Golden Company (another 20,000 men for her army) to being them to Westeros. Jaime becomes an 1000000x more likeable character as soon as he is away from Cercei and it would appear that next season he will most likely be without her. After Cercei threatens to have Jaime killed, he commits treason and leaves in order to keep his word and fight in the north.

We all knew this was coming but it has now been completely confirmed. Jon Snow isn’t a Snow, he isn’t even a Stark or a Sand (the name of bastards born in Dorne). Jon Snow is a Targaryen and, we guessed right, Ned Stark changed his name when he took Jon back to Winterfell as a baby because Jon’s real name was VERRYYY Targaryen. In a past vision from Bran, we get to see Rhaegar and Lyanna getting married and I must give credit to the casting of Rhaegar because he looks very much like Viserys did in season 1, enough that they could be brothers (P.S. This scene gave me all the feels because Rhaegar and Lyanna are my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE CHARACTERS EVER!!). In this episode we find out that Jon’s real, and very Targaryen, name is actually Aegon Targarean and just put a kink in the works (all puns intended) Jon and Dany screw (I wonder what will happen when he finds out that she is his aunt?).

For those of us who were wondering what the Night King was up to while all of this was happening, the answer is he was apparently learning how to ride a dragon. As Tormund and Beric stand on the Wall, the Army of the Dead makes their appearance and, using dead Viserion’s ice-fire-stuff, the Night King brings down a portion of the Wall and the army marches through. Don’t worry however, it would appear that both Tormund and Beric survive this (I think).

I don’t think I have ever watched a TV show where the whole episode I was just thinking to myself “What the FUCK is GOING ON!!!???” knowing full well what was occurring but not being able to believe it. I now have a whole new set of questions to be answered but will have to wait quite a while to have them answered.

  1. Will we see Cleganebowl?
  2. Who is Arya going to kill next?
  3. Will we get to see a reunion between Arya and the Hound?
  4. What will Jon think about his true parentage? What will Dany think?… And Tyrion, and the Stark kids and Jorah and everyone else?
  5. When will Bran stop being so fucking weird?
  6. How will the Stark sisters react to meeting Dany? How will the North react for that matter?
  7. Will we get to see any more Rhaegar and Lyanna scenes????????? (Please say yes to this!!! I love them so much!)
  8. Who is going to die? (Probably everyone)
  9. Will Cersei live long enough to have her baby?
  10. Is every episode going to be awesome epic battles?
  11. And finally, who will sit on the Iron Throne? (I”ll LOL so hard if it ends up being the Night King!)

Season 8 of Game of Thrones is set to start filming in October 2017 and if the schedule works out the same as it did for this season, we are looking at having the final season of this epic TV series airing late 2018 or early 2019.


3 Replies to “Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale: “The Dragon and the Wolf” Recap/Review (SPOILERS)”

  1. hahaha love your spoiler warning!! Awesome post! Agree it was great to see Theon finally get more courageous again! Though can’t say I’m surprised by Cersei’s actions- my only surprise was that she wasn’t more vicious. And I’m looking forward to seeing who Arya kills next 😉


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