Reviewer Unboxing | The Genesi Code by Tristen Willis

Tristen Willis is one of the loveliest people I have ever met and, from what I’ve heard, her debut novel is exceptionally awesome. I was lucky enough to be sent a reviewers pack for The Genesi Code and actually squealed when it arrived. All of the items in this box were made by Tristen herself and can be found in her candle store Burning Pages Candles.

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In the reviewer box there was a small pack of loose leaf tea, four candles, one solid perfume, and one badge.

The Genesi loose leaf tea has enough for 5 serves and is made up of gunpowder black tea (I had to google what this was and it is apparently Chinese tea where each leaf has been rolled into a small round ball and kind of looks like grains of gunpowder), shredded coconut, wild strawberry leaves, safflower and rum flavouring.

The four 2oz candles all smell amazing and each is covered in glitter (TBH these might just be the prettiest candles I have ever received).

  1. Luka is purple and smells like violets, vanilla and musk.
  2. Ren is blue and smells like amber, menthol and vetiver leather.
  3. Harvey is a beautiful green/turquoise and is definitely my favourite candle in this box. Smelling like shaving cream and lemon soap, I shit you not it smells exactly like the store LUSH cosmetics does.
  4. Samyaza is a sparkly red and smells like gunpowder, cloves, spice and sandalwood.

I’ve never owned a solid perfume but now I do and IT SMELLS AMAZING!! The Luka solid perfume smells just like the candle (violets, vanilla and musk) and is made using organic beeswax, organic grape seed oil, organic jojoba oil, and organic fragrance oils.

The badge that was included in this box was a custom designed PVC rubber badge reading “Delta Force United States Army” and was designed by Tristen herself.

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The Genesi Code is Tristen’s debut novel and from what I’ve heard it is an awesome read.


Luka was only eight years old when her father, Christopher Foster, was murdered.

Christopher had been working on a cure for the Genesi Code, which has plagued the human race since the government began experimenting on human DNA in an attempt to create a genetically-advanced army.

Luka has spent the last ten years training for the military’s elite taskforce, known as Delta Force, so she can uncover the truth surrounding her father’s murder. But along the way, she uncovers a truth about herself that she is not yet ready to face.

Could the truth surrounding Luka’s past be the key to curing the Genesi and ending the war? In the end, is revenge all that matters?


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