Pulse Danielle Koste

From the fabulous world of Wattpad to the even more awesome world of actually being published, Pulse by Danielle Koste has been a favourite of mine for quite some time. Say hello to present day science-fiction style vampires and possibly the exact way that people would deal with them if they ever were to appear.

This book is expected to be released on 1st January.

This review may contain mild spoilers for this book (What I consider spoilers might not be what you consider spoilers but I thought that I’d put it out there just in case). READERS YE BE WARNED!

Rowan Platts is addicted to success.

When she’s presented with the chance to work on a top secret project fronted by her idol, renowned virologist Dr. Margot Miller, Rowan signs her life away without second thought. The realization she’s gotten in over her head comes only after the subject of their study is revealed: a boy with a bad attitude and an uninhibited taste for human blood.

He’s a medical anomaly. Having the ability to crush metal with his bare hands and hear a heartbeat from across the room, it would make Rowan’s career if she was the one to discover what made him so unusual.

Easier said than done, with a subject who prefers snapping necks over answering questions.

Rating: 3.75/5

I find that there is nothing more awesome as finding out that a book you adored on Wattpad is being published professionally. It has been years since I read Pulse by Danielle Koste for the first time and I loved it. Now with it having been given a more polished look and having the plot and characters being more developed, I thought it was even better.

Pulse is fairly fast-paced for what I consider a fairly short-ish novel. I would technically class this book as a sci-fi despite the presence of a vampire-esque dude. To be perfectly honest, I freaking loved that the vampire element of this book was sci-fi-ish instead of the usually sparkly fantasy kind. I found the whole idea very interesting as it probably exhibits exactly how humans would react to finding someone potentially supernatual-ish.

The story focuses on Rowan, an intelligent, driven, and very possible type A young lady working at getting her doctorate in biology. While her main personality traits could have made her into a rather unlikeable character, she was also compassionate, a little bit naive, which balanced her out. The Subject, a.k.a Lyall, while exhibiting many of the typical vampire traits, is not your stereotypical vampire, nor is he ever classified as one. He is much more vicious and animalistic, but also manipulative and calculating, traits that he appears to have developed after whatever happened to him to make him into such a medical anomaly.

For Danielle Koste’s first published novel, the writing in Pulse is fairly good as far as first books go. There were a few passages that I thought could have been worded better and there was the occasional punctuation mistake but other than that I was quite impressed by both the writing, the plot, and the character development.



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