Hero at the Fall by Alwyn Hamilton

The final instalment in the Rebel of the Sands series by Alwyn Hamilton, Hero at the Fall was everything I wanted it to be and more. Exciting, and heroic, and full to bursting with awesome characters and daring feats, this is just the type of finale Amani’s story needed.

This book was released on 5th April 2016.

This review may contain mild spoilers for this book (What I consider spoilers might not be what you consider spoilers but I thought that I’d put it out there just in case). READERS YE BE WARNED!

When gunslinging Amani Al’Hiza escaped her dead-end town, she never imagined she’d join a revolution, let alone lead one. But after the bloodthirsty Sultan of Miraji imprisoned the Rebel Prince Ahmed in the mythical city of Eremot, she doesn’t have a choice. Armed with only her revolver, her wits, and her untameable Demdji powers, Amani must rally her skeleton crew of rebels for a rescue mission through the unforgiving desert to a place that, according to maps, doesn’t exist. As she watches those she loves most lay their lives on the line against ghouls and enemy soldiers, Amani questions whether she can be the leader they need or if she is leading them all to their deaths.

Rating: 5/5

Thank-you to the Publicity/Marketing Team at Allen & Unwin for providing me with a review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

WOW! Talk about going out with a bang! I really counldn’t have asked for a better ending for this trilogy. Hero at the Fall was exciting, and heroic, and full to bursting with the awesome characters and daring feats that I fell in love with in the first two books.

The pacing of this book is definitely a lot faster than that of the second. We jump right in pretty much where Traitor to the Throne left off, right in the middle of the action with danger (and Abdals) lurking around every corner. The majority of the plot is spent on Amani and Co attempting to find and rescue their rebel friends after the events of the last book. While a lot of time is spent on this, and not a lot on the actual defeating of the Sultan, it was still an amazing and captivating story all the way through.

Why is it that every time a new book in this series begins our darling little rebels are split up. Last time it was Amani all on her lonesome but now the head shebang, the traitor prince Ahmed and his main group of rascals (minus Jin) are MIA. The consolation prize is the unlike in Traitor to the Throne, Jin hasn’t pulled a disappearing act in this one. It might not sound like much of a prize but it meant that Amani and Jin’s relationship could actually happen and, you know… develop. Oh and SPOILER (-ish type thing), If you have read the first two books then you probably know that Alwyn Hamilton isn’t exactly afraid of killing off her characters, so if you were hoping for everyone to survive this book you will be sorely disappointed.

The writing style and world building in this last book is on par with what I have come to expect from Alwyn Hamilton. In other words, CRAZY AMAZING, DETAILED, AND EPIC!!! One of the issues I had in the previous books was that the flow of the plot was occasionally broken by a chapter detailing one of the myths/legends/stories that are important to the world. In Hero at the Fall these are still present, BUT they have been changed slightly from the older tales that the characters grew up with to tales about the characters (the ones that people in Miraji would tell after the series is finished).

All in all, I loved this series. It is definitely one of my favourites. The heroine is kickass, her friends are awesome, the world is amazing, and the story is to die for. If you have not read this series then you definitely should.


2 Replies to “Hero at the Fall by Alwyn Hamilton”

    1. Thanks! Ummm… If you read and liked The Wrath and the Dawn and/or Red Queen you will probably like this series. Is that what you meant by comparing it to other series?

      It’s like Red Queen but set in a desert/Wrath and the Dawn/Persian style world but with guns… better?


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